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Great stories have a personality. Consider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assist with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

Great stories are for everyone even when only written for just one person. If you try to write with a wide, general audience in mind, your story will sound fake and lack emotion. No one will be interested. Write for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.


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  • Cheese Onion Rings $9.00
  • Chefs Fresh Soup of the Day $7.50
  • Beef Carpaccio $10.50

Main Course

  • Filet Mignon 8oz $15.50
  • Farm Friendly Chicken Supreme $15.50
  • Tuna and Salmon Burger $12.00

Latest projects

Vegetable Salad, Beef Burger and Mango Ice Cream

Menu One

Beef Carpaccio, Filet Mignon 8oz and Cheesecake

Menu Two

Mediterranean buffet of starters, main dishes and desserts

All You Can Eat

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